Symptoms Of A Language Disorder

Problems with oral communication are the most common sign of language disorders. It’s not clear if there are signs in infancy that might point to an increased risk. The National Institute on Deafness and Child Development (NIDCD) is currently funding a study that will track babies for specific language impairment and autism spectrum disorder until age 3, so we might have more information soon.

Apps For Diverse Learning Needs

Recently, Apps for Children with Special Needs published a list of what they consider to be among the very best apps to help children and adults with special needs, as well as their teachers and therapists. This list of 1000 apps that are available today is very comprehensive and would suggest to us that there will be more in about..what….5 seconds?! But it is worth your digging around if you have the time.

If 100o apps is just too much for your head to handle, the folks at have broken it down into categories for us in their Jan. 19th article outlining 30 apps for students with special needs. The apps they suggested for parents of teachers of Dyslexic Learners are listed below.

If you’ve got a favorite app you use with your child, please share!