Speech and Language Therapy

Speech-language therapy is available to address expressive language, language processing, and speech sound articulation.


  • Individualized match between student and teacher
  • Research-based programs
  • Sessions are 1 hour and scheduled on an ongoing basis
  • School consultation available upon request
  • Progress closely monitored
  • Fee: $95 per session
  • Financial assistance is available.

Our experienced speech-language pathologist uses evidence-based interventions to improve communication skills. She is also a Certified Structured Literacy Instructor, and can provide speech-language therapy and reading tutoring for students in need of support in both areas. She works closely with families and schools to address individualized goals for treatment. Progress is monitored by Learning Matters staff and will be reported to parents on a regular basis.

Speech language assessment and therapy services may also be covered by your health insurance or reimbursed through a pre-tax healthcare savings account. Learning Matters does not participate in any network or file insurance claims but will provide a coded invoice upon request.