Academic Assessments

With skillful assessments and evaluation by our learning specialists, your child’s unique learning needs can be diagnosed. Please refer to our Subsidized Fee Schedule to see if you may qualify to receive an assessment at a reduced fee.

Psycho-educational assessments may be covered by your health insurance or reimbursed through a pre-tax healthcare savings account. Learning Matters does not participate in any network or file insurance claims but will provide a coded invoice upon request.

Diagnostic Assessment

It is often difficult to determine just what is causing a student’s struggles in school. Our experienced learning specialists will listen to the concerns of the student, parents and teachers, and then choose from a wide array of measures to get to the root of the student’s difficulties.

Speech and Language Assessment

The purpose of our speech and language evaluation is to measure your child’s communication skills. Our speech and language pathologist will evaluate your child using informal conversational measures as well as standardized tests to assess your child’s oral language comprehension and expression.

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