ADHD/Attention Evaluation

If your child is struggling with aspects of executive functioning or you suspect that your child may have ADHD, an attention evaluation may be warranted.


  • Incorporates rating scales and evaluator observation
  • Assessment takes approximately 2 hours
  • May be paired with a psycho-educational assessment
  • Feedback meeting with school or student demystification available upon request
  • Fee: $400
  • Financial assistance may be available

Our attention evaluation focuses on our child’s adaptive and problem solving behaviors in the school setting and at home. Each of our evaluators will observe your child’s ability to attend during academic and cognitive evaluations. Teacher, Parent, and Child and Adolescent Self-Report rating scales will be evaluated to determine if a pattern of difficulty with inattentiveness, impulsivity, or hyperactivity exists.

Once you have contacted us and are ready to set up your student’s assessment, please go here to download the necessary forms and to register.