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COVID19 Response

Who could have predicted how quickly and dramatically our lives would change as a result of the coronavirus? I am amazed by the unwavering flexibility and resilience of our teachers and staff. Our priority is to ensure continuity in our student’s services. With the help of technology and our talented teachers, our students have not missed a beat. Rest assured, we will be here throughout this to serve our students and their families.

Please call us at 615-739-0547 if there is anything that we can do to support you as you navigate the changing academic reality. We are checking our messages throughout the day.

Our current students have been moved to Zoom for their tutoring sessions with an array of interactive tools. We have the capacity to assist other students. We are currently unable to offer tutoring at a reduced rate. However, we will update this page when that changes.

Assessments that require a clinician to work in-person with a student, have been put on hold. We are scheduling into the future and will hold your place in order. All feedback meetings are taking place as scheduled, albeit virtually. As needed, we can conduct school meetings via Zoom until schools are open.

Please reach out to us. We miss our student’s beautiful faces and bright spirits. We can’t wait to see them at the center!

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Christine Andrews, M.Ed.
Executive Director